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12 seats Kids mini Pirate Ship

clicks: date: 2018-02-01

12 seats Kids mini Pirate Ship

12 seats Kids mini Pirate Ship is a large horizontal axis type amusement park rides. Pirate ship is named as its shape resembles the ancient pirate ship.
When starts, the pirate ship rides reversely swing, and gradually get higher. All passengers in the pirate ship, become motivated by the thrilling feel
like sailing in the ancient viking pirate ship rides
12 seats Kids mini Pirate Ship
About the mini pirate ship ride for sale in the amusement park rides manufacturer, these mini rides are more popular among kids because
of the beautiful decoration and design. Most of the mini pirate ship fairground ride could be seated with 8-12 kids at one time.
They are small, but they are thrill fun for kids just like the large pirate ship carnival rides for adults. And because of its mini size,
these mini rides could be used for different kinds of indoor funfairs, amusement park, large or small squares, family entertainment
center and other outdoor or indoor places. Some of the mini pirate ship could be made into mobile model, which means, mini pirate
ship ride could be equipped with a trailer. Amusement rides owners could move this fairground easily to anywhere they want. It is so
convenient for amusement parks.
12 seats Kids mini Pirate Ship

Ali brothers amusement ride produce good pirate ship, except 12 seats pirate ship, we can also produce 16 seats pirate ship,
24 seats pirate ship, and 32 sats pirate ship and 40 seats thrilling pirate ship..
12 seats Kids mini Pirate Ship

And our pirate ship has been shipped to many coutries, like India, uganda, etc.
Do wish we can have a chance of cooperation.

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